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Let natural light in with a clear, streak-free look and clean windows

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We Provide Skilled Window Cleaners For Your Residences and Small Businesses

Experience the clarity your windows deserve with our window cleaning services tailored for both residences and small businesses. Our meticulous approach ensures every detail is attended to including cleaning the glass panes, addressing window sills, and window frames. We will clean your windows and remove hand prints, bugs and smashed bug stains, cobwebs, and grime.

For homeowners, revel in the clear views of your backyard, trees, and flowers, enhancing the beauty of your living spaces.

For small businesses, we prioritize visibility, cleanliness, and visual appeal, understanding that clean windows are pivotal for a positive brand image. Trust our professional and trained window cleaners to bring a sparkle to your windows and elevate the overall ambiance of your home or small business.

Bring Out the Beauty of Your Windows with CP Cleaning Window Cleaners

Our window cleaning services are designed to enhance the clarity and visual appeal of your windows. We want your windows to be streak-free, allowing the radiance of the sun to enter your space. Clear windows and natural light does wonders, creating an inviting, enjoyable environment inside while allowing you to gaze outside with a great view of your family, nature, or patrons at your establishment. We’ll help you with your window cleaning by:

  • Wiping and removing dust, cobwebs and debris from window frames, window sills and corners
  • Detailed cleaning of window tracks, runners and ledges
  • Wiping and cleaning of window locks, lifts and handles
  • Cleaning of glass panes inside and out, for homes and businesses 1 to 2 stories
  • Thorough cleaning of window screens
  • Focus on hard-to-reach areas
  • Application of cleaning solutions for streak-free windows
  • Application of protective coating for long-lasting cleanliness (commercial only)

Window Washing Services with CP Cleaning

Choosing CP Cleaning for your window cleaning needs ensures a seamless and exceptional experience. Our dedicated window cleaners will help you obtain clean and clear windows.
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Thorough Assessment and Customized Cleaning

Our team conducts a detailed assessment of your windows, identifying specific cleaning requirements and any challenges.. We’ll tailor our approach based on the unique needs of your residence or commercial area, ensuring a personalized and effective window cleaning.

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Professional Services of 7 years

Expect a team of experienced and friendly window cleaners committed to delivering the highest standards of professionalism and customer satisfaction. We’ve been cleaning reliably for home and businesses in the Columbus areas for over 7 years.

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Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning

Meticulous cleaning of the interior surfaces, including windowsills, frames, and screens, using specialized solutions for a streak-free finish. Comprehensive exterior window cleaning, addressing hard-to-reach areas and external elements, leaving your windows crystal clear.

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Optional Protective Coatings

For commercial clients, you can request to enhance the longevity of cleanliness with optional protective coatings applied to your windows. These coatings are hydroponic and can prevent stains, etching, water, and debris from sticking to your windows. This will deliver exceptional results and elevating the visual appeal of your small businesses.

How We Help Residents & Businesses with Cleaning

We are a local cleaning company that has helped hundreds of residents and businesses across Columbus with their cleaning needs. Our various cleaning services can help tidy up your home, scrub and deep clean those tough stains, or help you maintain a clean business appearance.

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Tell us about your window cleaning needs and we will be glad to discuss any questions you have about our services.
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Choose from a variety of our window cleaning packages to maximize the value of our services.
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Schedule your window cleaning

Set a date and our window washers will arrive at your doorstep ready to make your windows sparkly clear, streak-free and coated.

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Let us help you bring out the beauty of your windows and allow you to enjoy marvelous views from outside your living spaces. With our window cleaning services, you’ll not just end up with clear windows, but aesthetically enhanced viewing spaces as well. Click the button below to call us or fill out our form to schedule your interview and hear about our amazing packages.

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Window Cleaning FAQs

Our rates are based upon the size of windows and the total number of windows we will be washing. The more windows you have or the bigger they are, the longer it’s going to take to clean them. It also depends on how accessible your windows are as some homes have windows that are hard to reach or are in unusual places like high ledges. We may clean skylights and other difficult windows but they are on a case-by-case basis.
We typically estimate about 1-4 hours to clean both the interior and exterior of your windows for a home or business. The length of time depends on the total number of windows, the size of them, how many are on the first or second story, and the number of screens (some windows have screens while others do not).
The only thing we ask is to move fragile belongings or decorations out of the way of your windows. You do not have to take down blinds, we can work around them. It is recommended that you clean blinds prior to our services. Windows get dirty because of dirt and dust so if you have clean windows but dirty blinds, those are going to affect how long your windows stay clean for.