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Cleaning your AirBnB and short-term rentals for your guests to enjoy.


Comprehensive AirBnB Cleaning Services

When it comes to managing an AirBnB, VRBO and other short-term rental properties, cleaning up and ensuring your property impresses each guest is important for long-term rental success. Cleaning up isn’t always easy as every guest is different and has their own ways of living in your rental properties. Their unpredictability can make cleaning time-consuming, and when you have short timeframes between renters, it’s important to have your place cleaned in a time-efficient manner.

Here at CP Cleaning, we can handle the cleaning and organizing of your rental properties for you. We have a comprehensive AirBnB cleaning checklist that will allow us to clean, dispose, and replace everything that is needed in your short-term rental properties.

We aim to make your homes, condominiums and apartments clean, fresh, and sanitized for your guests to enjoy.

  • Living room decluttering
  • Dusting and cleaning of furniture
  • Sweeping and vacuuming of floors
  • Bedroom making
    Sheets, rugs, and towels replacement
  • Trash removal
  • Kitchen cleaning and sanitation
  • Bathroom cleaning and disinfection
  • Organizing and placement of decor

Dedicated Short-term rental and AirBnB Cleaners in Columbus

Our short-term rental cleaners are all trained to handle various cleaning jobs for rental properties. They are equipped with the proper equipment to ensure that no furniture, appliance or fixture will get damaged in the cleaning process.

We have separate cleaning equipment for every section in your properties. Our bathroom cleaning supplies will never be used to clean your kitchen area. Our handheld vacuum for your beds are different from the vacuums we use for your carpets and flooring.

We can also cater to your requests in terms of cleaning equipment and products. Our products are neutral and non-toxic and have been rated as safe for kids, pets, and any guest.

Our dedicated checklist will ensure that your property will be sparkly clean, fresh and ready for the next guest.

Living Room Area

  • Dusting wall decors and lamps
  • Carpet cleaning, vacuuming, and shaking out rugs
  • Decluttering, organization and arranging
  • Mopping or swiffering hardwood floors
  • Wiping down side tables, coffee tables, and cabinets
  • Light upholstery cleaning for sofas, loveseats, and recliners


  • Disinfection and sanitization of bathroom fixtures and door handles
  • Cleaning mirrors, glasses, and screens
  • Wiping down shower walls and tub
  • Scrubbing the toilet bowl
  • Mold and mildew removal


  • Wiping down and sanitization of countertops, cabinets and handles
  • Scrubbing sinks and fixtures
  • Cleaning appliances surfaces
  • Removing grease and grime


  • Disinfection and sanitization of door, cabinet and drawer handles
  • Dusting and vacuuming the bedroom
  • Changing linens and making beds
  • Dusting and cleaning of under bed

In addition to our cleaning checklist, we can also provide damage inspection, loss of utensils or dishes, and other items depending on our arrangement. We can take pictures and send them to you during our cleaning process, especially if damage has been caused and you need to get a handyman out to fix the issue.

If you have a list of requests on how you want your property to be presented, we can take those into account. Some hosts want TV remotes to be placed in certain areas, “house rules” to be placed on the kitchen counter or table, and more. Let’s talk about those fine details to present your AirBnB in the best manner possible and we can complete those tasks for you.

Short-Term Rental Cleaning Services with CP Cleaning

Maintaining the pristine state of your rental properties is what we do. We aim to help you not just clean your rental properties, but also maximize the value of your investments by keeping them in their best shape.
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7 years of Cleaning Experience

Professional and high-quality service is our foremost promise to our clients. We have over 7 years of experience serving clients around Columbus and are a family business with our staff being mostly family or hired on a referral basis. We ensure proper training and expect professionalism and respect from employees at all times. Our house cleaners are all in uniform with our CP Cleaning logo to guarantee our professional approach.

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Multiple sets of Effective Equipment

We don’t use the same tools for every area of the property, we have separate equipment for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. We make sure that wipes, towels, and other consumables are replaced for every room. We ensure that equipment is well maintained and sanitized before and after use.

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Convenient Scheduling & Transparent Pricing

To accommodate AirBnB renters, we have schedule flexibility to allow convenient cleaning of your rental properties in between guests. We are familiar with standard check-in and check-out times and can adjust our schedules accordingly.
We have standard rates that depend on the cleaning service you require. We offer cleanings by one specific item, by room, or the whole rental properly. Our pricing is upfront with no hidden fees or convenience charges. With a few questions, our staff can help suggest the most optimal service for your situation.

How We Help AirBnB and VRBO Owners

Aside from our short-term rental property cleaning services, we also provide various cleaning services for our clients across Columbus. For property owners of standard single-family rentals or multifamily units, we provide residential cleaning services when tenants move in or move out that leave a mess. For apartment complexes with shared spaces, we clean all common areas like laundry facilities or pools. Let us know what you need and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Short-term Rental Cleaning Process

Follow these 4 easy and simple steps to book your AirBnB cleaning service:

Give us a call

Call us at (614)-288-7158

Let us know what you need

Tell us about your rental property cleaning needs and we will be glad to discuss any questions you have about our services.

Choose your cleaning plan

Choose from a variety of short-term rental property cleaning packages to maximize the value of our services. We have one-time or recurring cleaning plans for regular cleanings between guests.


Schedule your house cleaning

Set a date and our dedicated AirBnB cleaners will arrive at your doorstep ready to make your properties sparkly, clean, and fresh for your next guest.

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Industry FAQs

Our fees are based on the size of your property and how frequently we visit. We often clean short-term rentals 2-3 times per week as most owners we work with require 2-night minimums. We can discuss the unique needs of your property over the phone and give you an estimate once we have more details.
Generally, properties we clean have items stocked in closets or other locked compartments. We can replace items like toilet paper, boxes of tissues, refill soap, and more an as-needed basis.
Typically, no. We can turn over a property in 1 to 2 hours and if we were to wash and dry multiple sets of sheets, it would take much longer than that. We collect the dirty sheets and make beds with fresh linens but, generally, we do not wash and dry them while at the property.