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Maintain a clean work environment for a healthier, more productive business and customer satisfaction


Outsourced Cleaning Services for Commercial Businesses

A clean and healthy environment plays a major role in keeping your staff focused and motivated. It also has a positive impact on a customer’s impression, experience, and satisfaction of your business. CP Cleaning services provide commercial cleaning and janitorial services aimed at keeping offices and commercial spaces clean, sanitized and well-maintained.

We’ll take away all of the worries about a dirty, unclean environment and keep everybody focused on the business itself. We provide commercial and office cleaning services in Columbus and surrounding areas within a 10-mile radius of Columbus.

  • Cleaning floors by sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming carpets
  • Dusting of desks, filing cabinets and furniture
  • Disinfection of counters, desks, door handles, and more
  • Trash management
  • Restroom sanitation
  • Window cleaning

CP Cleaning Commercial and Janitorial Services

Cleaning offices and commercial spaces are our specialty. The same way we want you to focus on what you’re good at, running your business – we want you to let us focus on what we’re good at, cleaning and janitorial services.

We bring industry knowledge and experience that will make cleaning your business more efficient and productive. 

A clean and well-maintained business area will not create a professional image for your clients but also raise the morale of your entire workforce. We all know how unsettling it feels to enter a commercial restroom, let alone one that isn’t not kept up well.

Choosing CP cleaning for your janitorial services will take away the stress from maintaining the cleanliness of your office and commercial spaces such as taking away the trash, cleaning the office kitchen, sanitizing and deodorizing the restrooms. 

We are fully licensed to clean commercial spaces with specialized equipment, including industrial-grade vacuums and scrubbers.We can work around your office hours to minimize disruption of your daily operations. Improve your workforce efficiency and leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.

We provide one-time cleaning services, or regular office cleaning services depending on your business needs. Our skilled commercial cleaners can adapt to your needs and adjust to your business schedule to minimize the disruption.

Commercial Facilities Types We Clean

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Bank Cleaning

Our bank cleaning services include tasks such as teller station wiping, floor sweeping, and ATM area cleaning, ensuring a fresh, clean, and secure banking environment for customers and staff.
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Medical Facility Cleaning

With attention to detail, our medical facility cleaning includes tasks such as waiting room disinfection, examination room sanitization, and floor sweeping and mopping. We prioritize cleanliness and safety for patients and staff.
man hazmat suit disinfecting classroom due coronavirus pandemic


Educational or Government Building Cleaning

Our cleaning services for educational or government buildings in Columbus involve tasks like classroom vacuuming, office desk wiping, and hallway mopping, creating a clean and conducive environment for learning and public service.
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Car Dealership Cleaning

Our car dealership cleaning services in Columbus encompass tasks such as showroom vacuuming, vehicle display dusting, and customer lounge wiping, enhancing the presentation and appeal of your dealership for potential buyers.
waiter with protective face mask disinfecting tables cafe due coronavirus epidemic


Restaurant Cleaning

We provide thorough restaurant cleaning, wiping tables and chairs clean, sweeping and mopping the floor of the dining area and restroom sanitization, adhering to health codes and regulations to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards.
A cafe owner cleaning tables with disinfectant.

Church and Religious Institution Cleaning


With respect for religious spaces, our cleaning services for churches and religious institutions in Columbus focus on tasks such as cleaning the congregating areas, pew dusting and wiping, and floor sweeping or vacuuming if necessary. We focus on maintaining a clean and reverent atmosphere for worshippers.
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Warehouse Cleaning

Our warehouse cleaning services in Columbus include tasks such as floor scrubbing, aisle sweeping, cleaning of break rooms, and bathrom cleanup. We ensure a safe and organized working environment for warehouse staff.
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Gym and Fitness Center Cleaning

We provide gym and fitness center cleaning services including equipment sanitization, locker room cleaning, and floor mopping, promoting cleanliness and hygiene for members’ health and comfort.
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Retail Store Cleaning

Our retail store cleaning services in Columbus on practical tasks such as floor mopping, shelf dusting, and display surface wiping, ensuring a neat and organized shopping environment for customers.

What we’ll clean inside your facility

Lobbies, Common Spaces, or Lounge Areas

Our cleaning services prioritize the cleanliness of lobbies and common areas in commercial buildings, ensuring they are tidy and welcoming for visitors and tenants alike.

Front Desk, Workstations, or Shared Desk Spaces

We focus on sanitation and organization for front desks and workstations in offices, creating a clean and conducive environment for productivity and professionalism.

Offices or Cubicles

With attention to detail, we provide cleaning services for offices and cubicles, including dusting, vacuuming, and surface wiping, ensuring a clean and clutter-free workspace for employees.

Conference Rooms or Board Rooms

Our cleaning services emphasize cleanliness and presentation for conference and board rooms, creating a professional atmosphere for meetings and presentations.

Break Rooms

Understanding the importance of employee downtime, we ensure break rooms are clean, comfortable, and equipped with essential amenities for relaxation and refreshment.


Our cleaning services for kitchens focus on hygiene and sanitation, ensuring a clean and safe environment for food preparation and consumption.


With a commitment to cleanliness and hygiene, our cleaning services encompass thorough sanitation of restrooms, ensuring a pleasant and hygienic experience for occupants.

Disinfection and Sanitation

Our standard sanitation and disinfection includes door handles, countertops, waiting room tables and other surfaces and items that are commonly touched and used by people.

Commercial Office Cleaning with CP Cleaning

Our highly skilled, commercial cleaners are dedicated to keeping your office or facility clean so you don’t have to worry about dirt on floors, germs in bathrooms, or messy break rooms. CP Cleaning is available for your commercial and janitorial cleaning needs in Columbus.
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Boost Productivity & Customer Satisfaction

Employees work better in a healthy, clean environment and customers will buy more for those businesses that appeal visually. Ensure your employees are working at their best and increase your conversions with a clean, well-maintained business.

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Adjustable Schedule

We can adjust our schedule to avoid disrupting your company’s regular working hours. We make measures to minimize the disturbance while we’re doing our cleaning.

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Save Costs

Our services can be customized to suit your needs, whether it’s one-time cleaning for events, or a regular cleaning arrangement. We can adjust our rates according to your cleaning needs.

How We Help Businesses

Choose CP Cleaning and let us help you make your businesses a better place to work in. We can clean your windows to allow visitors streak-free visibility of your interior signage and displays, deep clean areas of your building that haven’t been touched in awhile, or help clean your business before or after you move. For realtors, we also help clean client’s homes before or after moving. CP Cleaning can help with all your cleaning needs to make businesses and homes fresh, clean, and healthy.

How To Book Your Office Cleaning Today

Follow these 4 easy steps to book your office cleaning with CP Cleaning commercial and janitorial services.

Give us a call

Call us at (614)-288-7158

Let us know what you need

Discuss with us your commercial cleaning needs and we will respond with our different office cleaning packages. We will explain to you the different advantages and benefits of our services for your business and provide you with a quote.

Choose your office cleaning plan

Choose from our different office cleaning packages, we have one-time or regular office cleaning options for businesses in Columbus.

Schedule the date for the cleaning service

Schedule the date when you want us to do our cleaning jobs. We have a flexible schedule that you can take advantage of so as not to disrupt your regular business hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of commercial cleaning is dependent on the size of your space, the rooms that you need cleaned, and the level of cleaning required, standard or deep cleaning.

Additionally, many businesses have very specific plans for items like floor maintenance where they like to have floors mopped or scrubbed three times a week and swept on the other days. We can accommodate those needs and the cost would adjust accordingly.

For most commercial offices, the floors should be cleaned and trashes should be emptied daily. Floors get dirty pretty quickly with enough foot traffic and employees may throw out remnants from lunches at desk trashes. You don’t want those items stinking up the office. For office break rooms or kitchens, we recommend those be cleaned once a week.
No, our commercial cleaning services can be one time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We accommodate your needs and will clean your business on and as needed basis.
In most cases, we accommodate businesses by cleaning while they are closed. We are often given a key or key fob to enter the business and complete our services when nobody is there. If you are okay with us cleaning during the day during regular business hours, we can accommodate that too.
Yes, of course! We protect our business and our customers from any liability with proper insurance and licensing.